I love sharing my knowledge with young professionals and students. Help them with practical know-how on how to manage themselves, build a business/career, and above all, to create a life of their own. I teach them everything they do not learn at school.

Our world is rapidly changing. The challenges the next generations face are different but also very much alike. After all, we are all human beings seeking meaning in this one and precious life. Taking radical responsibility for ourselves is what set's us free. Having walked various paths of life, I empower younger generations to seek the answers they need and be the change they wish to see in this world. Want to work with me? I offer workshops, speeches, and guest lectures on various subjects, among which:

  • Mindset, success, positive habits, healthy boundaries
  • Mental health
  • Creative writing/poetry
  • Creative brainstorms + business development 
  • Business Canvas Sheet 
  • Empowerment
  • Life as art
  • Living life on your terms

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