This world requires a shift—a shift of paradigm. Old models are crumbling down; the new has not arrived yet. Though we all know it will come. The question is. What will it be, and how will we manage it?

It is a painful process. When a snake loses it's old skin and replaces it with the new, it withdraws itself from the field. It waits and waits. It hides in the dark until its new and shiny colors are ready to make their way into the light. To protect it from other predators, continue its journey. The snake. A strong symbol often perceived as scary and misunderstood for the devil as it was the snake that made humanity leave paradise. By a single bite from the apple, we were sent to the world we now know and love. Forever bounded between heaven and earth. Or as Jim Morrisson sings in "Riders of the storms": 'Into this world, we're thrown. Like a dog without a bone.' And stormy it is these days and the question even more relevant. How will we manage the challenges we are facing?

The symbol of the snake. If you have ever taken a closer look at the logo of the World Health Organization or the pharmacy down your street, you might wonder what the snake around a staff is doing there. What does the snake have to with our health? Our healing. And why, among other things, do doctors use this symbol to indicate their professions? The winged version is known as a Caduceus. The staff, which was - in the old Greek Mythology - carried by the Olympic god Hermes. Hermes was a messenger between the gods (wings) and man and a guide to the underworld (staff). Hermes was also the patron of travelers, which explains his connection with medicine, as doctors had to travel great distances often, to visit their patients.

Another version of the medical symbol is the staff of Asclepius: no wings and only one snake. Asclepius was the Greek demigod of medicine. According to mythology, he was able to restore the health of the sick and bring the dead back to life. The Greeks considered snakes sacred and used them in healing rituals to honor Asclepius. Snake venom was considered a cure, and their skin loss was seen as a symbol of rebirth and renewal.

And here we are. 7,5 billion of Human beings, living our lives, with technological possibilities the Greeks in their wildest dreams could never have imagined. We lifted the sky, reaching for the stars and possible galaxies far away and drilling down for resources in the depth of Mother Earth. We have developed technologies that made it possible to grow organs from a single cell. We made it possible that bionics arms can move based upon our thoughts even though the bionic arm is a thousand kilometers away. And yet…we are 'still' bounded by heaven and earth.  On the inside, we are still the same species that wandered around the Greek Mountain of Olympus—seeking for life's maybe unexplainable answers. For guidance on how to live a life worthwhile of living.  

We all know we are over-consuming. We all know that seasons are changing. That mother earth is screaming for our attention. We all feel that individual life's challenges are rapidly changing, especially with a higher rate of burn out's and depressions emerging every day. And if you do not believe that something is going on. Ask the youth, and what is on their mind. What they are looking for in life. So the question remains. How will we use all technological advantages as a cure? How do we wish to treat each other? Work together? Live together? At what point does our way of operating become lethal towards ourselves?

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*Various Storms and Saints is song from Florence + The Machine. This story was written with this song on repeat. Where would we be without music, poetry, and art?

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