A couple of years ago, I found there were three things I wanted to do. Travel. Do yoga. Write. I noticed how I was walking a path that might have met societal norms, but it did not serve me. So. I left everything behind and dared to follow these three little words until some new words came up: Teach. Surf. Write. I found that I want to help young people develop themselves. Be themselves. Help them do live their lives and become the future leaders this world so desperately longs for. 

Sometimes I look back and wish there had been someone to talk to earlier in my life. Someone who would have taken the time to explore my passions, interests. Without any prejudice or preconceived ideas, how things "should be". Someone who had been there. An open mind with sincere interest. Someone to help me move closer to what I love and care for. I decided to become that person

My Future Leader Program is designed especially for you. Because you are allowed to carve your own path in life. I empower you to uncover what sparks you. Follow what ignites you. Live the life of your dreams while - at the same time- making this world a better place. Because if we all live in sync with who we are and lead by example, we truly make this world a better place. 


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