A couple of years ago, I wrote down three things I wanted to do. Travel. Do yoga. Write. However...that was not the path I was walking. I noticed how I was going down a road that might have met societal norms, but it did not serve me. So... after a severe burnout, I left everything behind and dared to follow these three little words. I left my corporate career. My house. The city I was living in. I camped under the stars, embarked on incredible adventures, launched my own business, starting coaching, and I wrote until three new words came up: Teach. Surf. Write.

So here I am—the go-to place when you seek a different perspective. I created a safe space for you to be you and become the person this world desperately longs for. In a world full of noise, we need people that are aware, know themselves. Do what they love—people who lead by example, and can connect with others while working to create a better world. I hold space for you while you work on what it is that you desire. Step by step, you will lead your way.

I offer individual online brainstorm sessions of 1,5h, where we will discuss what is going on in your life and what you would like to see for yourself. I believe every person holds the key and answers to unlock their potential. I will empower you to do so. I guarantee you that your session with me offers new insights, ideas and inspiration to act upon what you love. 

Want to schedule an online brainstorm session with me?

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