Andrea van Herk (36) is a passionate educator, writer, coach, surfer, and poet. Andrea believes in taking radical responsibility for our lives: we indeed have the power to make this world a better place. Andrea's passion for developing sustainable lifestyles and business models fuels her endless research of new and ancient wisdom, which she loves to share with you. Andrea holds a Master's Degree in (financial-economic) Criminology and a Master's Degree in Financial Law and has worked with various organizations over the last 15 years on Ethics, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Governance, Compliance, Coaching and Change Management. Andrea lived and worked from multiple places in this world and beliefs the youth has the future and that through the power of education and self-awareness, we can unite the world.

Over the last years, while intensively working with various groups from teenagers to boardroom members, Andrea noticed the importance and influence of self-awareness in every aspect of our lives. Knowing who you are and doing your inner work contributes to the larger scheme of all things. Andrea reached a critical turning point in her life in 2016. After several solo travels around the globe, developing an interest in yoga and surfing, and her passion for writing, she decided it was time to say goodbye to everything she once considered hers. After sleeping under the stars, camping, wandering around empty beaches, learning to surf, traveling the globe, teaching yoga and coaching teenagers and students, House of A was born.

House of A is the result and the beginning of a journey into the unknown. The aim to empower students to be who they are. Help them develop to become the most authentic version of themselves. To make the world a better place.

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