After completing two Master's Degrees, building a strong career, Iyengar yoga teacher training, various management courses, and experimenting with writing, performing poetry, and traveling, I did the unimaginable. I left the corporate world, the city I was living, sold my house, and got rid of almost all my belongings. I started camping, writing, reading, sleeping under the stars, traveling, surfing, coaching, and some more writing. I experienced the power of words first hand. I found that writing and reading empower you.

Words change your state of mind and increase your knowledge and self-awareness. They can change our way of thinking, transform, and heal us. Slowly I gained back what I lost somewhere down that yellow brick road: me, how I create the life of my dreams, how my voice can transform. As someone on Bali once told me: 'You can read/help people.' Those words resonated profoundly. Having a better understanding of who I am and what I have to offer to this world, I decided to launch House of A.


When you position me with a nice cup of coffee and my laptop where I can pour words into, that is where my magic happens, where I get to be in my element, a chance to motivate and share—a chance to do good. Sharing and rewriting our stories, positive affirmations have the power to heal us—our surroundings. We need to dare to speak and write the words that are lingering inside of us. Through my copywriting and 1:1 sessions I encourage organizations, business leaders and young professionals to communicate their message. To live their lives. I offer new perspectives, creative ideas, connections. I believe we have the power to write and create the world of our dreams. I love to support you and your business in doing so.


My name is Andrea van Herk (36). After doing the unimaginable and living as a digital nomad on various parts of this globe: Rotterdam, Bali, Texel, India, Amsterdam, Costa Rica, Portugal, France, Spain, I launched House of A residing in the small and beautiful town of Harlingen.

Holding a Master's Degree in (financial economic) Criminology and a Master's Degree in Financial Law and having worked with various organizations over the last 15 years, I gained a lot of expertise in Finance, Compliance, Ethics, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Governance and experience through extensive and continuous learning. I continually challenge myself to step into the unknown and have fun while doing so. Besides my various corporate positions, I founded a start up in Local Investing, was appointed the Managing Director of a theatre group, performed poetry on various stages and travelled solo around the globe.  My passion for developing sustainable lifestyles and business models fuels my endless research of new and ancient wisdom which I love to share with you. Besides House of A, I work part-time at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences as a lecturer in Finance, Coach and Project Manager for Design Based Education. 

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