The 1:1 sessions offered by House of A are all about you. You tell your story, and I will give you feedback on what I read between the lines. We will focus on the things you need to dive into. The inner work required. Either it is business, private, or both. How we treat ourselves ultimately is how we deal with what surrounds us. We will look into what gives you energy. What makes your spirit sing. What is needed to optimize your life, business, career? The aim to create more calmness, enthusiasm, and joy in the small things you do every day. 


'I believe we owe it to ourselves to write and live the stories of our lives.'


    My 1:1 work focuses on you. The story you are willing to live. I believe in taking radical responsibility for our lives. How you can let go of anything that doesn't match with what you truly desire. I offer single online coffee break sessions or, you can work with me over a more extended period with three online 1:1 sessions.


    During these 1:1 sessions, we will look into what is holding you back from the way you want to live your life. Create a path of your own. House of A is here to offer you that space.  Why would you want to work with me?

    • You want to create the life of your dreams
    • You feel life has more to offer
    • You want to discover what drives you
    • It will help if you have someone who holds you accountable for prioritizing yourself
    • You want to hang out with someone who walks her talk
    • You love to keep it simple
    • You believe it is possible to be the change you wish to see in this world
    • You want to have fun while doing so


      If you would like to get to know me during a free FaceTime/WhatsApp video call, please fill in the form below.


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