"I teach future generations to write and live the story of their lives, connect with their inner voice, and make this world a better place while authentically being themselves." Andrea van Herk



Are you a student or young professional wondering what your life is about? Then this program is for you! Together we will create more calm and peace in everyday life (strip away the bullshit) while breaking away from society's norms and writing your life. Become more self-aware, authentically you, while making the world a better place! Write your life!


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Education is more than knowledge from books. We teach future generations all kinds of knowledge, but how do we teach them to become wise? Wisdom is not something that comes to you at a certain age. It is a way of livingHouse of A is founded by Andrea van Herk (36) as the vast place in this universe for future generations seeking words of wisdom, inspiration and truth. Andrea is a passionate writer, educator, coach, surfer, and poet. Her aim is to empower you to own and write the story of your life. To become the role model you seek. Want to know more about her? Read it here. 

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