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Welcome into my House. House of A is build upon the premises of authenticity, creativity and vulnerability. A couple of years ago, I did  the unimaginable. I left the corporate world, the city I was living, sold my house, and got rid of almost all my belongings. I started camping, writing, reading, sleeping under the stars, traveling, surfing, coaching, and some more writing. I experienced the power of words first hand. I found that writing and reading empower you. That is where I launched House of A. 

Flash forward to a couple of years later. I am working and living around the globe, can ride some awesome waves, work as a part-time lecturer, publish poetry and, I want to help you flourish. To empower you to be who you want to be. To get to know yourself. Become more aware. Because with awareness and personal leadership we will set the tone to make the world a better and more compassionate place. Feel welcome!

Andrea van Herk, LLM MSc


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