Our world is changing rapidly. The question is. What changes are we willing to make? How are we going to shift towards a healthier, more balanced, joyous approach regarding ourselves, our resources, our business? How will our words align our actions? The stories we tell, the language we use is where we are heading. What if we allow ourselves words that engage nurturing, healing, to do good? Loving words towards ourselves. Clients. Mother EarthHouse of A’s mission is to share knowledge, ideas and encourage awareness towards creating a better and more sustainable world. To help entrepreneurs, organizations, and individuals embody their vision and communicate their message. 



The words we speak is what we become. How is your internal dialogue? Is it fruitful, joyful? Are you the person you wanted to become? Living the life you dreamed of living? Is your business thriving, or are you missing the right words to articulate your ideas? Let House of A welcome you. Through my copywriting and 1:1 sessions, I will help you to lead your way. 

Andrea van Herk LLM MSc, founder House of  A




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